How Often Should You Replace Your 16 x 25 x 4 Air Filter?

The general recommendation is to replace air filters at least once every 90 days. This is a general guideline, and there are certain factors that can shorten or extend the time between filter replacement intervals. Generally, pleated air filters (such as those manufactured by FilterBuy) should be changed every 90 days. As the filter accumulates more dirt, dust, and allergens from the air, its efficiency decreases.

If your air filter is made of fiberglass filters, experts suggest changing it once every 30 days due to their relatively low quality. On the other hand, expensive pleated filters can work well if replaced every three to six months. If smoke-filled air is finding its way around the clogged filter instead of going through it, it's time to install a new one. It's important to note that Honeywell oven filters are not the same as HEPA air filters for purifiers, which last much longer.

Regardless of whether your air conditioning or HVAC system is used to heat or cool your home, the air that circulates eventually has to pass through the filter. Replacing the air conditioning or heating system filter regularly allows the system to work efficiently and maintains the air quality in the home. Compared to basic filters, medium-efficiency MERV filters such as the Nordic Pure MERV 12 can significantly reduce airborne dust, mold spores, pollen, and even smoke. This can help alleviate respiratory conditions according to an NIH study.

When selecting a new filter for your boiler or air conditioner, start by evaluating your home's air filtration needs. The expected lifespan of the device will largely determine how often you should change the air filter. Air filters are installed in wall-mounted ventilation grilles or in the air controller (usually placed in the basement near the oven). If you have pets, young children, or people with allergies in your home, you may need to change your air filter more often. Ultimately, there is no definitive answer as to how long an air filter can work efficiently before needing a replacement.

However, it is important to keep in mind that regular replacement of your 16 x 25 x 4 air filter will help ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently and that your home's air quality remains high.

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